Sunday, 25 April 2010

News and views in the palm of you hand

Everyday new technology provides me with the opportunity to learn a new skill. And there's nothing more exciting in life than doing something new for the first time .
And you are reading a first now - my blog written on my iPhone.
My husband says this new piece of tech is like an umbilical cord. Where ever I go the iPhone goes with me. It's a newsroom in the palm of my hand - and more.
I'm learning Spanish via a blog, rediscovering the classics via audibooks, tracking my spending on a finance app, reading the news on the web, listening to music in the car by plugging it into the sterio. Are there no limits to my handful of tech?
Now I can update my blog, and put the bad spelling down to iPhone typos (the keys are so close together I can't help these little errors).
Developing new tech skills is easier than learning to spell!

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