Monday, 19 April 2010

All the time in the world - in a traffic jam

It doesn’t matter which wasy I leave Appleby on route A66 I hit road works and a traffic jam at the moment. It always catches me by surprise – even though the first thing I do at 6.45am every morning is check the Highways Agency updates to report on the Messenger websites.

I can tell other people to remember to add extra time to their journeys and forget it applies to me.

But the upside of being stuck in traffic in Cumbria is that the view is a million times better than the daily commuter crawl into Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds or any other big city.

Sat in my car I can sit back and take a few minutes to take in the beauty of the Eden Valley, before the lights turn green and we are back to the normal pace of life.

While in traffic today I had the chance to really take in the beauty of the daffoidils that were planted and the entrance and exit to every town, village and hamlet after foot and mouth. It would make Wordsworth smile to see his favourite county ablaze with the yellow flowers. What a greeting for visitors and what a refreshing site for all us locals.

My new philosophy when trying to turn back time in a traffic jam, panicing that the people I’m going out to interview will have gone by the time I get there, is to enjoy the few minutes of stillness that a traffic jam brings.

And the couple were still there when I arrived, having just renewed their wedding vows on their 50th wedding anniversary on board their own Love Boat in the Atlantic. Here's a photo of them in their Kirkby Stephen garden. To read their story visit www.edenvalleymessenger .