Sunday, 18 April 2010

Websites hit by human virus

Launching one daily news website is understandable; launching two is just making life difficult for yourself – but very rewarding.

To celebrate keeping my head above water with the for a whole year, I decided the anniversary should be marked in style with the launch of a second daily, news website .

April 8 seemed as good enough a date as any – and so far away on January 1. But with a last minute holiday in Spain for Easter the return was more a baptism of fire. Just three days to get everything up, running, and ready to go live.

This deadline addition I have ensured I would be ready for anything on April 8 – even my husband coming down with a mystery virus that has kept him off work since the day after the Lakes Messenger was launched.

It’s not the virus that’s prolonged everything, but his reaction to the antibiotics. Not the first or second type but third edition. Now he is constantly showing me more red hives. He is getting better though. The swelling on his face has gone down, and he can see out of both eyes now. He doesn’t look quite so much like the star of The Singing Detective anymore.

But we’ve got through it all and kept the news going out every day.

Whatever will next week bring?

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  1. onwards and upwards as they say........good luck with it all, at least it's keeping you out of mischief!!

    Gill in Canada