Monday, 22 November 2010

Last blog from Cluj, Romania

The last Blog – Sunday

It is with a heavy heart that we write our last blog of what has been an exceptional time. We have spent the evening with Pastor Rufus and his wife Dee, Levi, Ioana, Corrina and Atti, plus all the children. We shall miss them all.

Our day started early as we had to set off for the church in Cluj at 8.30. When we arrived at the church Dr Stanca was there and she gave me a letter. In it she apologised for not allowing us to hug or kiss her when we first arrived, but she had been trained as a doctor in communist times not to do these things as bacteria could be transmitted – or don’t convey love one to another because as communist we don’t like you to share love. I only got a third of the letter written before I was in tears and went over to Dr Stanca and put my arms around her; she grabbed hold of my hand and began to kiss it and we cried together. The rest of the team went to her and gave her big hugs and kisses so, if nothing else has been achieved, it was worth coming just to see a dear old lady released to be able to love another human being.

After the service we went with Pastor Rufus to the Gypsy church at Pata Rat. So we had come full circle as this is where we started last Sunday and now we were finishing there. We had some lunch with Rufus in a small room where the children do Sunday school where there is a wood burning stove which filled the room with plenty of heat. It was a pleasure once again to share with the Gypsy community in their church and enjoy the fellowship that they gave. When the service finished we headed for Iulinus Mall to get some food for the evening.

John had said that he wanted and ice cream yesterday but forgot about it until we returned, but today as we walked in the mall we saw an ice cream vendor that had loads of flavours; the look on John’s face you’d have thought we had found a pot of gold. After a sumptuous ice cream and getting our food we headed back to FAF (Family Aid Foundation) at Deausa and spent the evening with everyone.

We have to up at 3am as we leave at 4.15am to get to the airport. Our lives have been changed in this short time of sharing our lives with the Romanian people, and although we thought that we were coming over here to bless them, they have in fact blessed us. The United Nations can pass sanctions, countries can go to war, lunatics can blow up people, but in the end the only way that things can change is if humanity has love one for another. As Jesus said, they will know that you are my disciples, when you have love one for another.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey as much as we have.

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